Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I have been searching for a kennel for Rupert but it seems he is too tall for most. Finally, I came across one that is fitting. Here is the description the lady posted on craigslist. ;)

"We overestimated how large the pup would grow,
so this gigantic cage, it's got to go!
And though we got it used and it's a little twisted,
it's still a a bargain for what we've listed.
But let's not obscure its best feature:
this cage can hold most any creature!
Be it giant dog or smallish calf,
miniature horse or short giraffe,
billy goats gruff, pot-bellied pig,
"baby" alligator grown too big.
Yes, any pet would love this billet,
please take it quick before the pup can fill it!
P.S.You might want to bring a friend, it's pretty heavy,
and don't forget the van or flat-bed Chevy! "

It is in Waupaca and I will be picking it up Thursday afternoon.
Fitting don't you think?

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